Georgia Board for Christian Counselors

Counselors, as you may see in the new logo above.

We have been contemplating removing the word therapists from our name for a while now and, after much research, have determined that we do not fit the definition of therapists. Below are the definitions of a counselor and therapist.

  • Counselors have a master’s degree in counseling or a related field and focus on providing guidance, support, and short-term interventions for personal, family, social, or career-related issues. They provide counseling in private practices and offices.
  • Pastoral counselors either practice at a church or in a related ministry and do not have to have a master’s degree.
  • Therapists, on the other hand, have a doctoral degree in either psychiatry, psychology, or a related mental health field and provide more in-depth long-term treatment for mental health, emotional, or behavioral problems. They are in hospitals and mental health clinics.

Along with the name change, certified counselors will be receiving the following beginning July 1st, 2024:

  • Our new magnetic lapel pin, which matches the new logo
  • An ID badge holder and clip so you can display your certification
  • Membership in the Georgia Christian Counselors Association. All members will be able to fill out their profile when their certification is processed completely.
  • 10% discount on any courses or conferences put on or supported by either the Georgia Board for Christian Counselors or the Georgia Christian Counselors Association.

In order to provide these additional services and ensure the continued protection of Georgia’s Christian counselors, anyone paying their dues on or after July 1st, 2024, will be paying $250 for their 2-year certification.

Rest assured, that even after July 1, you can still visit the website either by navigating to the old website name,, or by navigating via our new website name, which is  Both will take you to the same website. 


Dr. Jack Kelly, Chairman, Dr. Julia Kelly, Dr. Connie Langford, Dr. Barbara Beeler, Dr. Tim Pendrey, Dr. Charles Travis