It is required by the Board that the applicant holds one of the following:

An earned Master’s Degree.
Documented ecclesiastical training.
Graduate level course or equivalent in:

  • Counseling
  • Bible
  • Theology
  • Therapy
  • Temperament Therapy

Or it is required that the applicant has been practicing as a clearly defined Christian counselor, therapist or pastoral counselor for a minimum of two years.

The applicant has no previous instance of justifiable complaints.
The applicant is recognized by a creditable agency as a practicing Christian counselor, therapist or ordained minister in the State of Georgia or have a minimum of two years counseling experience.

All applicants must submit a list of at least five character references and a written summary of counseling and/or ministry background.

After the application has been received, and upon information verification, applicants shall be contacted for a telephone interview.