Mandatory Reporting

There are three situations, where it may be necessary to share certain information with others and the authorities.

  1. When there is clear indication that someone may be harmed.

Adult and Domestic Abuse: If we have reasonable cause to believe that an adult is in need of protective services (regarding abuse, neglect, exploitation or abandonment), we may report such to the local agency which provides protective services

  1. Serious threat to Health or Safety: If you express a serious threat, or intent to kill or seriously injure an identified or readily identifiable person or group of people, and we determine that you are likely to carry out the threat. We must take reasonable measures to prevent harm. Reasonable measures may include directly advising the potential victim of the threat or intent.


  1. When a child is being sexually or physically victimized

Child Abuse: If we have reasonable cause, on the basis of my professional judgment, to suspect abuse of children with whom I come into contact in my professional capacity, we are required by law to report this to the Department of Family & Social Services.