Logos Global Network

Logos Global Network of Christian Ministries

The mission of LGN is to build a covenant community that embraces a biblical worldview and expresses it through the demonstration of  SPIRIT, WORD, SACRAMENT AND SERVICE, the four pillars of the church.

Our goal is that every believer will experience the empowering work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, that they will fashion their lives from the principles found in the Word of God, be obedient to the sacraments such as baptism and Holy communion, and live a life of service modeled for us by Christ Himself.

Our purpose is to be a servant ministry to the body of Christ as it labors to live the Great commandment and fulfill the Great Commission. Our role as a ministry partner is to provide those services and benefits needed to aid in fulfilling their God given mission.


  1. 501 (c)(3) IRS exemption
  2. IRS mediation if needed
  3. Financial and accounting assistance
  4. Organizational guidance and consulting
  5. Grant writing
  6. Continuing educational opportunities
  7. Clergy credentialing
  8. Marketplace ministry commissioning
  9. Short term mission trips
  10. International travel opportunities
  11. Women’s ministry department
  12. Conferences and leadership webinars
  13. Federal endorsement for military and hospital chaplains
  14. Church planting resources and consulting
  15. Clergy and member mentoring
  16. Humanitarian organization development resources and mentoring
  17. Certificate suitable for framing
  18. Picture ID card